Your wedding day is special event and your wedding video will never be forgotten. Where wedding photography ends, wedding video begins. Your wedding video has the unique ability to preserve the feelings and bring them back to you - even years later.

Your wedding day is an emotionally charged event; joy and laughter, anticipation and tension, emotion and solemnity. A cocktail of the emotions, moods and moments you wish to preserve can be stored in your wedding video. You would be surprised how many moments you can miss or forget in an instant. If you hire an experienced cameraman for your special day, your important moments will be saved forever.

The story you want to share with your loved ones deserves more than just a single scene and one song. Studio Navara wedding videos are epic blockbusters, which do not require you to attend a cinema. The duration allows you to watch it anytime - all you need is simply ten minutes before viewing your favourite series. I do not create videos to be kept in your drawers - I make videos for you and your loved ones to enjoy over and over again.